Mexico City Series / La Lagunilla Market #VISITMEXICO

Hello dear reader, thinking about visiting Mexico City? Don't think twice.

Let me show you around our real Mexico. One of my all time favorite things to do at the city: Antique shopping at La Lagunilla Market. You'll fall in love, mark my words. 

Meet my dear old, beautiful Mexico. Located right in the center of this infinite city, La Lagunilla Market opens all Sundays without exception. Streets full of rich, forgotten history, blending beautifully with the chaos of this huge market, thousands of people buying and selling. Old houses full of antique furniture waiting to come back to life. 

You can find anything here: from old books and cheap antiques, to furniture, crystals, used clothing, old records, beer, tacos, hand made body oils and perfumes. Collectables and junk all mashed up together. Paradise for passion hunters. Pure magic I tell you. MÉXICO MAGICO. 

This market is located right next to Tepito - aka 'el barrio bravo'. So you shouldn't wear or carry anything valuable. Better if you get dropped and picked up by UBER, you can also get around with public transport, metro La Lagunilla is located just a block away from the market itself. 

Our traditional Quesadillas. 

Our traditional Quesadillas. 


  • Get there early (10am)
  • Bargain - most prices are elevated, you can (and they expect you) to ask for a better price. 
  • Eat local food - never say no to real Mexican food. 
  • Ask for 'La calle de las antigüedades' - Most of the market is full of cheap things, true treasures hide in old houses in certain streets. 
  • Bring cash - only. Leave your wallet at home. This city site is well known for pickpocketing. A fanny pack is really the best choice for your money and cellphone. 


  • Wear anything valuable. Leave your wrist clock and jewelery at home.
  • Make anybody mad. People here usually have eachother's back reaaally protected. Gangs may be around.
  • Leave your kids unseen. Don't let them wander off. Losing your peeps here is really easy. 
  • Show off. The less, the better. 

Have fun, buy history, eat local. Fall in love with our beautiful, chaotic Mexico.  

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